Come and visit the Chiemsee region which is located only about 100 kilometers away from Munich.  Bavaria`s largest lake, also known as the "Bavarian Sea" offers an amazing landscape, wonderful views of the Chiemsee Alps and some of Bavaria´s most cultural and historical treasures.

The lake itself covers a size of 85 square meters and measures a length of 18 kilometers and a width of 14 kilometers in total. On the southern side Chiemsee is flanked by the impressing Kampenwand, Hochgern and Hochfelln mountains showing their characteristic profiles.

Many painters and poets have been inspired by the perfect composition of its colors and lighting. Besides famous German writers Ludwig Ganghofer and Ludwig Thoma, Bavaria´s fairytale King Ludwig II., chose the area to build a castle, designed to follow the pattern of Versailles Castle in France: Herrenchiemsee Castle.

Gentlemans' Island - Herrenchiemsee

In 1878 King Ludwig II started building a unique palace, but due to insufficient funds, the construction was terminated far before completion. Today the highlights of the large state rooms are the staircase, the state bedroom and the Great Hall of Mirrors. Most of the rooms have been designed in French rococo style. Today the palace itself and its museum can be visited. A nice walk from the pier to the castle takes about 15-20 min. The palace's state apartments can only be visited on guided tours, the King Ludwig II. Museum can be seen without a tour.

In 1876 a large park was created by Court Garden Director Carl von Effner, but, as King Ludwig II. died already 1886, only the main sections with their famous fountains and waterworks had been completed.

Ladies' Island – Frauenchiemsee

Apart from Herrenchiemsee the Ladies´ Island (Fraueninsel) is definitely worth a visit and a must-go for those who are searching for quiet places to stroll. Besides a romantic fishing village the Ladies´ Island attracts visitors with its two major sights: a three-nave Basilika, whose typical Bavarian bulky bell tower shapes the whole Chiemgau area in an unmistakable way, and the convent, founded also in the 8th century, which is still home to Benedictine nuns.

Summer Activities

Besides many sailing and surfing spots lake Chiemsee is also known to be a perfect bathing lake of good water quality. The shores are shallow and ideal for children. You will find nice bathing spots in Prien, Rimsting, Breitbrunn, Gstadt, Gollenshausen, Seebruck, Chieming, Übersee and Bernau. Go for a relaxing row boat trip  around the Fraueninsel, enjoy the slowly changing views from the very inside of the lake, hire a pedal or electric boat or challenge yourself by learning to sail or surf.

After experiencing the lake itself by testing all its watersport activities, there is still a lot to do. Six mountain railways will help you reach the peak regions of the Chiemgau Alps easily. Of course you can also climb the Kampenwand for example, but make sure, you will be well equipped with hiking boots, sandwiches and beverages, to enjoy your hiking trip and the stunning views.

Winter Activities

During winter time lake Chiemsee and the surrounding with its mountains have a lot to offer: Alpine and Nordic skiing, tobogganing, sledding, snow hiking and more. Everybody enjoying being out into the fresh winter air can be sure to find what he is looking for. If you would like to show your ice skating skills, you might have the opportunity on the frozen waters of the lake.

The winter wonderland offers perfect skiiing conditions for everyone. The Kampenwand mountain for example with its views over the lake Chiemsee has two chair lifts, three rope tows and T-bars, manicured slopes and a four kilometer long family run. Cableways run daily from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Sachrang also has two lifts. There are more than 30 cross-country trails and tracks spread all over the area. And, when snow conditions are good almost all of the vacation spots in the region have groomed tracks.

Museums and Galleries

Exter Kunsthaus in Übersee A 500 year old farm house  that has been converted into an exhibition gallery. From Spring to Fall is is open for exhibitions lasting several weeks.

Old Town Hall Gallery in Prien

The gallery displays paintings, water colors and sculptures supplied by the town of Prien, particularly Chiemsee paintings dating from the 19th and 20th century. Only open during times of the special exhibitions.

Art Gallery Wichmann in Bernau

An all-year exhibition that displays local painters of the 19th and 20th century of the 'Münchener Schule' and its modern and contemporary art. The gallery also periodically hosts special exhibitions of selected artists.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 2 pm - 6 pm, Saturday 9 am - 1 pm, Sundays and Bank Holidays on appointment.

Art Dealer Gallery Bauhofer in Prien

Here you can find a selection of diversified range of contemporary art. Main subjects include the lake 'Chiemsee' along with its islands 'Frauenchiemsee' and 'Herrenchiemsee', as well as the Chiemgau region in the works of well known artists such as Walter Rohrbach, Siegmar Jugelt, Günther Frühmesser, Regina Decker-Kern or Ingrid Noichl.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9 am - 12:15 pm und 2 pm - 6 pm, Saturday 9 am - 12.30 pm

Muellner-Peter Museum in Aschau

The museum shows the history of the 18th and 19th century, regarding agriculture, milling industry medical science within the countryside of Bavaria.

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