Oktoberfest Beer

O’zapft is – it is broached!
The first tap is an opening ritual since 1950, when mayor Wimmer first tapped the barrel at tent Schottenhamel. Before each tent has its own barrel and tapped it at 12:00 noon. This official ceremony is until 1950.

The Oktoberfest beer is not just that good because of the atmosphere that you experience in the Oktoberfest beer tents. Oktoberfest beer does taste better than normal beer! Original gravity is responsible the special taste of Oktoberfest beer. The original gravity indicates how much flavouring, malt sugar, potein and vitamins the water has absorbed from hops and malt. This is much higher for Oktoberfest beer than for normal beer and therefore makes the Oktoberfest beer more filling and is also the reason why you get drunk more quickly. Oktoberfest beer has between 5,9 and 6,3 percent alcohol.

Cheers and enjoy your Maß of Oktoberfest beer!

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