The beautiful Lake "Tegernsee" lies peacefully in the Tegernsee valley and is surrounded by impressive mountain peaks, charming villages and lush forests.

The Tegernsse has a glacial origin. 18000 years ago the Tegernsee glacier reached far into the north to the plains. With its erosive forces the glacier generated a big basin that became a lake.


Now the shimmering blue-green water counts to the cleanest lake waters of Bavaria and has even drinking water quality.

The lake has a length of 6.5 kilometers and its width is 1.5 kilometers. At the deepest point the Tegernsee measures around 74 meters.

The five beautiful villages, Bad Wiessee, Kreuth, Rottach-Egern, Gmund and Tegernsee which are surrounding the lake are providing a wide range of accommodation facilities as well as recreational possibilities.


Compared to most of the other Bavarian lakes, the Tegernsee can be accessed by the public from nearly everywhere. There are two quite big bays in the southern area of the lake as well as a small island.

Several public beaches and outdoor swimming pools can be found around the lake.

Bad Wiessee

Badepark Bad Wiessee  (Wilhelmina Str. 2, 83707 Bad Wiessee, Tel.:+49 (0)8022 8626 0)

The large bath and sauna land area offers four indoor and outdoor pools as well as plenty relaxation and recreation facilities.
Prices and more information you can find here: badepark-bad-wiessee.de/

Strandbad Grieblinger (Am Strandbad 14, 83707 Bad Wiessee, Tel.: +49 (0)8022 83566)

Nice green area for sunbathing with rental of parasols, changing rooms and area for children are provided at this lido. The place is owned by the Guesthouse Grieblinger and therefore an entry fee applies.

Strandbad Abwinkel (Sonnenfeldweg, 83707 Bad Wiessee)

This lido is located in Bad Wiessee and is free of charge for the public. A kiosk, changing rooms as well as a Beach-Volleyball court are available.


Strandbad Seeglas (Seeglas 1, 83703 Gmund am Tegernsee, Tel:+49(0)802276129)

The Seeglas lido can be visited free of charge.  A sandy beach, sunbathing area, showers, a playground for children as well as a nice restaurant are available.

Strandbad Kaltenbrunn (Zum Seeblick, 83704 Gmund am Tegernsee, Tel: +49 (0)8122/7281)

Family friendly lido with large sunbathing area, Toilets, Showers, Changing rooms and a Thai Restaurant can be visited against a small charge.


Strandbad Tegernsee (Hauptstrasse 63, 83684 Tegernsee)

This family friendly lido provides shaded and non shaded greenery for sunbathing, a diving platform, changing rooms as well as a restaurant.

Freibad Point (83684 Tegernsee)

This sandy beach is mainly attracting young people. It is a very busy place with a beach volleyball court, changing rooms, sunbathing area, and kiosk. It is not so convenient for families with small children as the the banks of the lake drop steeply.

Rottach Egern

There are several bathing areas in this area, such as along the Schorner Strandweg, Popperwiese(Weißachdamm) and  Kobellstrasse

See- und Warmbad Rottach-Egern  (Nördliche Hauptstrasse 35, 83700 Rottach-Egern, Tel: 08022/92890)

In this outdoor park provides hot pools, but also gives access to the lake. There are large sport pools, whirlpools and slides. Young and old can find something that suits their taste here.

See-Strandbad Reiffenstuel (Seestrasse 44, 83700 Rottach-Egern, Tel : 08022/9273540)

See-Strandbad Ringsee  (Weißachdamm bei der Fährhütt'n, 83700 Rottach-Egern, Tel: 08022/65566)

At this lido you have to pay an entrance fee to enter the beach and pool area. There are water fountains, children pool, table tennis, sun beds and a restaurant-bistro available.


Warmbad Kreuth (Nördliche Hauptstraße 3, 83708 Kreuth)

Nice outdoor pool for young and old. There is a restaurant, a large sunbathing area and table tennis available.

How to get to Tegernsee

Just 50 km away from Munich you will find this idyllic landscape which is worth a visit and will give you relaxation for soul and body.

By Car

From North
Highway A8 direction Munich-Salzburg
Exit Holzkirchen
Take the B318/B307 direction Tegernsee

From South
Highway A8 direction Munich-Salzburg
Exit Irschenberg
Take the B472/B307 direction Tegernsee

By Train

Trains are starting from Munich Central Station
(München Hauptbahnhof)
Every hour the Train „Bayerische Oberlandbahn (BOB)  
leaves in direction Gmund or Tegernsee.
From there you can continue by bus or taxi

By Plane

Munich Airport is around 1, 5 hours away from Tegernsee.
S1 or S8 will take you to Munich Central Station
From there you can continue with the Train.