Holidays and festivals

The most famous festival of Munich is the famous Oktoberfest, but for sure Munich has more interesting and also traditional events. Furthermore there are many feast days and magnificent festivals in Munich all year around.

Here you will find an overview of the most important feast days and festivals in Munich.
Please note, that the orange coloured dates are public holidays in Munich and on these days no shops will be open in Munich.

We would advise you to check our Munich events section before you are visiting Munich!

January 2011


01.01.2011  - New Year's Day

The New Year's Day is celebrated in the western world as the first day of the New Year since the Middle Ages.

06.01.2011 - Epiphany

The origins of this religious feast day goes back to the time of the birth of Christ. In the Christmas story the "Three Wise Men of the East" followed the bright star in the sky and found the birthplace of Jesus child.


February 2011


14.02.2011 -  Valentine's Day

The Valentine's Day is an annual commemoration day for celebrating love and the bond of affection. Valentine's Day is named after Christians martyrs named Saint Valentine. On this day lovers traditionally express their love by presenting flowers, sweets and greeting cards.


Carnival season

With the 6th of January the fifth season starts in Munich - it is the Carnival season!
From the Epiphany day to the Ash Wednesday, which will be on the 8th of April 2011, it is party season in Munich and you will find many partys and balls during this time.


March 2011

03.03.2011 -  Weiberfastnacht  (Women's carnival night)

The Thursday before Ash Wednesday is known as "Weiberfastnacht", or "Women's carnival
night". On Weiberfastnacht women are traditionally allowed to cut off the tie of any man. Furthermore women are also allowed to kiss any man they like.


07.03. 2011 -  Rosenmontag   (Carnival Monday)

The Monday before the Ash Wednesday is called Carnival Monday or also known as Rosenmontag - Rose Monday. There will be many carnival processions, where people are fancy dressed and carnival floats are involved.


08.03.2011 -  Carnival Tuesday 

Carnival Tuesday is the last day of Fasching. On this day many partys and festivities are taking place.


09.03.2011 -  Ash Wednesday

With Ash Wednesday the 40 day fast period will start. This time is intended to remember the 40 days that Jesus spent fasting and praying in the desert. Religious christians are not eating meat on this day.


15.03. – 31.03.2011    Krimifestival 2011

The Krimifestival - crime festival in Munich is one of the largest international festivals of crime literature. Famous crime-writers from all over the world come to Munich during these days. There are different venues for the festival programme.
Find more information about Krimifestival Munich have a look here.


17.03. – 17.04.2011 Starkbierfest  (Munich Strong Beer Festival)

Starkbierfest takes place in Munich after the Carnival season. During this time breweries serve the most potent beers together with tasty food and lively entertainment.
The highlight of Starkbierfestival is the tapping of the Salvator barrel as well as the "Derbleck'n" at the Paulaner am Nockerberg on the 23rd of March. Derbleck'n is a traditional satirical lenten sermon.

Find out more about  Starkbierfest in Munich here.


April 2011


21.4.2011 -   Holy Thursday  (Gründonnerstag)

On Holy Thursday the last supper of Jesus with his Apostels is celebrated. Religious Christians have green vegetables as dinner on this day.

22.04.2011 -  Good Friday  

Good Friday is a religious holiday. On this day Christians are commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus. The passion of Jesus as well as the way of the cross are celebrated in many churches in Munich.


24.04.2011 - Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday, the three holy days and the fasting period ends. In many churches the celebrations begin on Saturday night.
Easter is always celebrated on the Weekend after the 1st full moon after the start of spring.

25.04.2011  -  Easter Monday

Easter Monday is the second holiday devoted to Easter - which is called Ostern in Germany.

Traditionally during these days children are searching for easter eggs and get presents.
There are a lot of festivals in Munich, especially for families. The biggest one is the Osterfest impark, which takes place in Olympiapark.
Find out more about  Osterfest impark here.


May 2011


01.05.2011 -  May Day or Labour Day

The May Day or also called Labour Day has been first celebrated in 1945 and has become an annual public holiday. Usually on this day many sportive events take place.


29.04. – 05.05.2011   Frühlingsfest   (Spring Festival)

The Frühlingsfest starts alredy on the 29th of April and is also called "kleine Wiesn" , which means Little Oktoberfest. The spring festival take place on the festival ground of Theresienwiese. You can find fairgrund rides and attractions there as well as some tents, where beer and Bavarian delicies are served.

Find out more about Frühlingsfest here.

30.04. – 08.05.2011      Mai Dult

The Mai Dult is the first of the three Auer Dults in Munich, which take place on Mariahilfplatz in the district Au in Munich. Dult is a very popular and traditional folkloric fair in Munich. The fair provides fairground rides and attractions for children. At Mai Dult you can get antiques and household items.

Find out more about Mai Dult here. 



28.05.2011   -  Lange Nacht der Musik  (Long Night of Music)

The Lange Nacht der Musik gives you the opportunity to access more than 100 music stages and venues in Munich with only one ticket. Experience different genres of music in locations like bars, restaurants, churches, museums, concert halls, music schools, ballet rooms, cultural centers and much more.

Find out more about Lange Nacht der Musik.


June 2011

02.06.2011  - Ascension Day (always a Thursday)

Ascension Day is a religious holiday, on which the Christians celebrate the ascension of Christ into heaven. It is always on the 40th day after Easter.


04.06. – 05.06.2011   Street Life Festival

The Street Life Festival is celebrated on the European Car Free Day in Munich. Since 2001 , the festival takes place on the Leopold Street and Louis Street  - from the Münchner Freiheit to Odeonsplatz. The Leopoldstrasse between Siegestor and Münchner Freiheit is closed for traffic and there are various live music stages, food stalls and entertainment program.

Find out more about Street Life Festival here.

13.06.2011 -  Whit Monday    (Pfingsten)

The Whitsun is a religious festival, which is celebrated on the 50th day after Easter and also the ending of the Easter period. Christians remember the Holy Ghost descended to the apostles of Jesus. Since then they started teaching about Jesus.

On Whit Monday many religious processions  takes place throughout towns and little villages in Bavaria.


18.06. – 19.06.2011 Stadtgründungsfest  (City foundation festival)

During this weekend Munich is celebrating its 853rd birthday. There is a 2 days party for all citizens and visitors between Marienplatz and Odeonsplatz.

Find out more about the Stadtgründungsfest here.


22.06. – 17.07.2011  Tollwood Summer Festival

From the 22nd of June to the 17th of July the Tollwood Summer Festival takes place in the Olympiapark in Munich and it is popular for its relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere. At Tollwood Summer Festival you can find international acts and different music at open air stages. Furthermore you can expect cabarets, circus, performances and more than 200 stalls with handmade crafts and organic culinary delicacies from all over the world.

Find out more about Tollwood Summer Festival here.


23.06.2011 -  Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is a Catholic feast day, where the Eucharist of the body and blood of Christ is celebrated. In many Bavarian villages you will find processions, where the monstrance is carried along the streets.


24.06. – 02.07.2011 Filmfestival

The Munich Film Festival is the second largest film festival in Germany. The festival takes place in five key locations (Film Museum, CinemaxX, Air Theatre Museum, Gasteig, Rio movie theater) .

Find out more about Filmfest Munich here.

July 2011


Tollwood Summer Festival starts already in June (find here more information about it) and is going until the 17.07.2011.


29.07. – 22.08.2011  - Impark Sommerfestival

The Impark Summerfestival is a festival for young and old to celebrate the summer. It warrants fun for the whole family. Over 100 stalls and fairground rides invite to a trip. In beer gardens you can enjoy well-konown Bavarian specialties (Hendl, Brez`n). One of the highlights is the "historical boatmans' tournament", in which boatmen on the Olympiasee in the park aim to capsize one another's boats using their pikes. There is also a grand firework on the program.


30.07. – 07.08.2011    Jakobidult

The Jakobidult is one of three famous Dults in Munich, which takes place at the Mariahilfplatz. The Dult is a very popular and traditional fair in Munich, where you get antiques and household items. Furthermore you can get Bavarian delicacies there.

Find out more about Jakobidult here.

August 2011

Impark Sommerfestival starts already in July (find here more information about it) and will go on until the 22.08.2011.


15.08.2011  -  The Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The festival that celebrates the Blessed Virgin Mary’s ascension into heaven has been part of the religious calendar since the 6th century.

September 2011


02.09. – 04.09.2011      Isarinselfest

The celebration of the association of Munich is a "thank you" to many citizens of Munich ,the clubs ,association, institutions that are dedicated to take care of their hometown – the cosmopolitan city .

Find out more information about the Isarinselfest here.


10.09. – 11.09.2011     Street Life Festival 2011

The Streetlife Festival is the European Car Free Day in Munich. Since 2001 , the festival takes place on the Leopold Street and Louis Street from the Münchner Freiheit to the Odeon Square for two weekends every year. The whole of Leopoldstrasse between Siegestor and Münchner Freiheit is closed to traffic. There is various live music, food stalls, games, and other miscellaneous entertainments.


17.09 – 03.10.2011    Oktoberfest 2011

Oktoberfest  or also known as "Wiesn"  is one of the most famous and the biggest festivals in the world. With about 6 million of visitors every year it is the most important event for Bavarian culture. Read further information about Oktoberfest here.


October 2011


03.10.2011 -  German Unity Day

The German Unity Day was introduced as a national holiday in Germany in 1990 as commemoration of the reunification of the two German states, which was completed on this day.


15.10. – 23.10.2011  Kirchweihdult

This is the last of the three Auer Dults, which take place on the Mariahilfplatz in the district Au in Munich.

Find out more about the Kirchweihdult here.

November 2011


01.11.2011 -  All Saints Day

A Roman Catholic festival and a day to pay tribute to the saints in the independent Evangelical Lutheran church.


27. 11. 2011  -  1st Advent   (always a Sunday)


December 2011


Tollwood Winter Festival and Christmas Markets

Every year the Tollwood Winter Festival takes place from the end of November to the end of December. Furthermore you can find a lot of charming Chrsitmas Markets in Munich. Find more information about Christmas Markets in Munich here.


24.12.2011 - Christmas Eve



25.12.2011 - Christmas Day

This is the main day on which we celebrate Christmas, the birthday of Jesus Christ.
Celebrations begin at sundown on Christmas Eve, on 24th December


26.12.2011 -  Boxing Day

This is also a public holiday that is known in the Roman Catholic and the old Catholic church as St. Stephen’s Day.

31.12.2011  - New Years Eve



As you can see, there are many feast days and festivals in Munich. So, whenever you are visiting our city, there will be some events.