Practical Info

Practical Language
The official language is German, but most of the native Munich residents have a significant Bavarian accent.

Currency, Credit Cards and Currency Exchange
Germany is part of the European Union. The currency is the Euro. Credit Cards, such as American Express, Visa, Master Card or Diners Club are  almost everywhere accepted. Cash can be withdrawn from numerous ATM´s.  Foreign Exchange is possible in banks, post offices, at the airport and at the train stations.

5 -10% Tip is usual in Germany.  If you are satisfied with the service provided, it is up to you to tip even more.

Local time in Munich (and all of Germany) is GMT+1 hour.

Compared to other German cities, Munich is a safe place to stay as the crime rate is very low.  Lately the government increased the appearance of police and guards at Munich´s metro and tram stations, to ensure that people, especially woman, can move securely and without being disturbed.

Phone and Internet
The local area code for Munich is 089. For calls from abroad dial 0049 89 (international + local code). Many of the German mobile companies have agreements with foreign providers. You can use your mobile phone just like at home.
Munich offers  like nearly every other city in Germany, a variety of internet cafes, where you can check your emails or just surf the internet while having a coffee and snacks.

Public Transport
Munich´s public transport is dense and well developed. Eight underground lines and seven suburban trains connect all parts of the city as well as the surrounding suburbs.  Tram lines and busses are also available and ensure that getting around in the city center is very easy. Some of the Tram lines can be used as a cheap alternative to a conventional sightseeing tour:  Line No. 19, for example, picks you up just behind "Marienplatz" and takes you along the famous "Maximilian Street", crosses the Isar River just after driving past the "Maxmonument" and the "Bayrischer Landtag".  Continuing through Haidhausen, a popular part of Munich, the tram takes you to Munich Ostbahnhof. From there you can make your way again to almost every other place in town.  Also recommended are sightseeing tours by bicycle. Getting around by bicycle is a very pular way for many people living in Munich. Join the fun and use the opportunity that Munich offers, as many cycle tracks are available everywhere in the city.