Oktoberfest Beer Tents

When visiting Oktoberfest it is significant that you have seen a tent from the inside! 

Basically every tent is the same: there is a large central nave and in the middle there is a stage for bands. The ambience can vary from tent to tent and it depends on which day of the week you are visiting the Oktoberfest. You should know that there is no music playing before 6 pm.

Whatever you are up for - looking for someone to flirt, expereiencing the Bavarian lifestyle or just participating at a best party - there are lots of different tents, where you can find all this. Below we want to give you more information about each tent, so that you can decide which one will be the best for you.

Opening hours of Oktoberfest beer tents:

Monday to Friday     10.00 am to 11.30 pm
Saturday to Sunday  09.00 am to 11.30 pm

Please note that beer will be only served until 11.30 pm!

Find here more information for Oktoberfest beer tent reservations.


The entrance of the Ochsenbraterei tent catches every visitors eye with a huge ox turning slowly on a big spit and mark the tent´s speciality unmistakably: A delicious variety of dishes that can be made from an ox.

6000 visitors are enjoying a traditional brass music band and love the beer that comes from the Spaten brewery.

by Sparafucile

Hacker Festzelt

The slogan of this tent, "Bavarian Heaven", catches everyone´s eye when entering, as you will find yourself surrounded by blue sky and white cloud paintings.

Not only its unique interior makes the Hacker tent one of the most famous among the Bavarian visitors. Also a Rock´n Roll Band is playing party music every day from late afternoon until the end of the day. The Hacker tent offers a capacity of 9.000 seats and, of course, Hacker Pschorr beer is served.

by Andrea Engelmayer

Fischer Vroni

For fish lovers, this tent is the place to be. Outside the tent fish are skewered on a stick and grilled in a 15-metre row. Watching the Bavarian speciality to be prepared is a real experience itself.

A capacity of 2700 seats makes the Fischer Vroni not a big, but a very unique place to enjoy an Augustiner beer.

by Karl Winter OhG.


This tent is named after the daughter of the brewery owner Pschorr and has been family managed for seven generations now. The entertainment highlight here is the tent-own yodeler, a show that should not be missed to get to know traditional Bavarian songs. The tent itself offers a capacity of more than 6000 seating and also 2200 outdoor seats.


This is the place where, every year, the mayor of Munich calls out the opening words "O´zapft is!" (It is tapped). The Schottenhamel tent became the biggest of all Oktoberfest locations with a capacity of over 10.000 seats and it is loved by Munich´s young party people who like to gather and enjoy a tasty Spaten beer.

by mathias.apitz @ flickr.com

Hofbräu Festhalle

The Hofbräu beer tent obviously is the most famous tourist attraction. Hosting nearly 10.000 visitors inside and outdoors, it is no surprise that people from all over the world can be found here, toasting with their beer mugs and rocking to party music all day.

by search! @ flickr.com

Winzerer Faehndl

The Bavarian "Gemütlichkeit" has always been the motto inside of the Winzerer tent. Singing along with the brass band and partying with friendly people is what makes a stay at the Paulaner serving tent worth a visit for a capacity of 8500 people.

by OliverN5 @ flickr.com


This is definitely a tent that cannot be missed when walking past it, as its characteristic lion, the symbol of the brewery, can be found outside, roaring every couple of minutes and lifting a traditional beer mug.

Soccer fans supporting the famous FC Bayern Munich club should be aware of the fact, that the Loewenbraeu tent is meeting point for the TSV 1860 Munich soccer fans as their mascot has always been the lion. Seat capacity is approximately 5700 inside and 2800 outdoor seat.

by Meinronke


You might not expect a tent at the Oktoberfest that is not specialised on beer. But the wine tent offers a selection of about 15 different wines and champagnes.

With a capacity of only 1300 seats, this tent gives a cosy atmosphere which wine lovers really do appreciate.

by sanfamedia.com @ flickr.com


The highlight about this tent is definitely the crossbow competition, a tradition that is held since 1895. Paulaner beer is served as well as the typical traditional meals such as roast chicken, sausages and pork knuckles. The seating capacity inside is 6000 seats excluding approximately 1600 outdoor seats.

by Andrea Engelmayer

Kaefer's Wies'n Schänke

It is definitely the place to be for celebrities from all over the world, and, of course Munich VIPs. The interior of this small, but extremely comfortable tent is totally different from the rest.

Unfortunately it is hard to enter, as the doormen will only let you pass if you are a celebrity yourself or if you will have good connections.

by Andrea Engelmayer


The Hippodrom is really loved by Munich´s celebrities. Also the tent has the reputation of being a meeting place for singles as the flirt factor is high and the stylish atmosphere is much appreciated by the younger people.

The name Hippodrom dates back to 1902, when horsemanship used to be the only attraction at the folk festival in Munich. 3200 inside seats and 1000 outdoor seats offer the visitors the possibility to have a Spaten beer as well as a glass of sparkling wine at a stylish bar.

by mathias.apitz @ flickr.com


The tent is located next to the statue of the Bavaria and became famous for its sucking pig prepared in a Bavarian way in malt beer sauce and served with traditional potato salad.

It is highly recommended to taste it together with a freshly tapped Loewenbraeu beer among the 5400 visitor that fit in the tent.

by pokpok313 @ flickr.com

Augustiner Festhalle

The Augustiner Festhalle is known to be the friendliest of all tents as the waitresses and waiters working here are always friendly and smiling even when it gets hectic.

The tent itself, of course, serves Augustiner beer to the 6000 visitors fitting inside and to a capacity of 2500 more seats outside.

by alumroot @ flickr.com

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