Oktoberfest Guide

Getting there

The easiest way to reach the Octoberfest definitely is using public transport. About two thirds of the visitors use this opportunity, which is about 500.000 additional passengers per day. U-Bahn line 5 offers a high frequency of trains, but it will still be crowded. To avoid this situation, it is recommended to use different lines such as U3/U6 , Tram lines or S –Bahn station Hackerbrücke. All stations are within short walking distances to the Theresienwiese. 

Family Tips

During the Octoberfest, on tuesdays it is family day. Between 12 and 18 o`clock many fun rides and entertainment businesses as well as food stand offer discounts.  Those who offer family discounts can easily be found as they are marked by big neon letters. Also families will find their 'own' area at street no. 3 / east. Various fun rides and carousels appropriated for children are provided here and kids can enjoy an unforgettable day at the Octoberfest when joining a Punch and Judy show or just spending time with their parents.

Handicap Tips

The Octoberfest is well prepared to welcome visitors with disabilities. In order to guarantee an easy access for handicapped people the Municipal Advisory has arranged provisions in collaboration with Taskforce for the Disabled.

Disabled transport vehicles with visible identification are permitted to use one of the supply roads to access the Theresienwiese just behind Hippodrom beer tent. Therefore handicapped visitors can easily disembark right in front of everything. For safety reasons, parking and stopping for a longer period is not permitted. For private vehicles there is a public parking spot in the south of the area and can be used free of charge.

All U-Bahn and S-Bahn stations around the Oktoberfest have elevators and are suited for wheelchairs. The Bavarian Red Cross offers five wheelchairs free of charge that are available at the luggage service near the U-Bahn station Theresienwiese.

It is also no problem to enter the beer tents and other catering places, as all of them guarantee ground floor entrances or ramps. People using wheelchairs as well as their accompanists can use the special seats without reservations on weekdays until 17 o`clock or on weekends until 14 o`clock. But it is still recommended to book seats in advance.

Toilets for disabled and wheelchair users can be found at the Servicezentrum Theresienwiese, close to the U-Bahn station Theresienwiese, at the main entrance at Esperantoplatz/Matthias-Pschorr street and, of course  in all beer tents.


During the week between 10:00 and 15:00 o`clock you will find a lot of different discounts. Use the opportunity to enjoy a lunch at one of the food stands or one of the catering stands for less money.

Also entertainment businesses give discounts. As not every business is participating in the so called 'Mittagswies´n' (midday Octoberfest), we recommend you to look out for the especially established logo, showing you to get the best bargains.


Visitors, who would like to store their luggage, can use particular check rooms that are located at the main entrance of the U-Bahn station Theresienwiese.

First Aid

The Bavarian Red Cross offers first aid and medical service station that can be found close to the Augustiner and Loewenbraeu tent. First aid equipment is also provided from particular machines spread all over the Octoberfest area.


Every year the Octoberfest lurges millions of visitors. Therefore it is clear that safety is of particular importance. On the weekend up to one million people are cavorting around the whole Theresienwiese. Newbies might not be able to handle the mind-blowing size of the Octoberfest as well as crowds of people.

A security working committee as well as all involved authorities have initiated various measures to guarantee general security, child protection, protection of girls and women, equalizing the visitor crowds, escape ways and make sure that sufficient security staff is available at beer tents and outside areas.

If you will follow our list of Do`s and Don't`s, the Octoberfest sure will be an amazing experience and, as to many other visitor before, will always want to make you come back and enjoy the biggest beer festival in the world again:

Do´s and Don'ts

  • Always keep an eye on your valuables as pickpockets will be around taking advantage of the fact that people might not be cautious when drinking and partying with the crowd.
  • To make sure that beer tents will not burst due to maximum capacity, security staff will close the entrances. Therefore we recommend starting early, just before the main crowds will take over the whole festival. 
  • Keep in mind that in the beer tents it is not permitted to order a beer without having a seat. Try to be patient and find a free seat before you order. Only exception is the Hofbraeu tent as it offers particular standing tables.
  • Always treat waitresses and waiters nicely. In Bavaria and especially at the Oktoberfest it is a matter of course to thank and respect those who serve you beer and food by giving a nice 'Vergelt´s Gott!' (Bavarian for 'Thanks') and do not forget to tip. 
  • The Oktoberfest party is not made for party poopers, mavericks and other cranks. Use the opportunity to 'Prost' to your neighbors, make friends and enjoy singing and swaying with everyone. You will love the atmosphere of being a part of a 'world family' all celebrating together.
  • Despite crowds of people and security rules, the Oktoberfest does still offer a laid-back atmosphere. To make sure that the good vibrations do not overturn in conflicts and fights, try not taking everything too serious and try to keep being friendly. Learn from the Munich people, as they know how to live Bavarian sociability and are well practiced in getting along with everyone.


Cash machines can be found at different spots around the Oktoberfest area. There is also a travel bank especially for the foreign visitors.

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