Oktoberfest Traditions

Parade of the beer tent hosts and breweries ('Einzug der Festwirte')

With a number of more than 1000 participants the traditional opening parade should not be missed when visiting the Octoberfest on the first weekend. It takes place on the first Saturday, even before the first beer barrel is tapped. Brightly decorated horse teams, parade floats packed with flowers and colorful ribbons and festoons, waitresses and waiters all dressed up in stunning traditional Dirndl and Lederhosen as well as brass bands can been seen when making their way to the Theresienwiese.
The parade itself is always leaded by the 'Münchner Kindl' riding a horse followed by a horse drawn carriage that carries the mayor of Munich. Carriages with brightly emblazoned beer barrels will follow as well as groups of showmen and market merchants.

Tickets for tribune seats can be purchased at around 25 Euro. If you are going to be in Munich by the time of the parade, it is highly recommended to attend the amazing traditional happening.

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Traditional costume and shooting club parade

The first parade of this kind was held in 1835 to celebrate 25th anniversary of King Ludwig I. and his wife, Therese. Since 1950 the parade has always been a part of the festivities and will take place on the first Sunday of the Octoberfest. The parade always starts at 10 o`clock in the morning and follows a particular route through the city: Starting at the Maximilianeum, domicile of the Bavarian parliament, it will go along Maximilian street past Munich Residence and Odeonsplatz where the prime ministers loge of honor is situated. The parade will then continue down Brienner street and Sonnen street, which is very centrally located and close to the Karlsplatz and will end at the Theresienwiese. About 9.500 participants, most of them representatives of all kinds of cultural and traditional clubs from different parts of Germany as well as from Italy, Croatia, Austria, Poland and Switzerland will join the parade on the 7 kilometer way through Munich.
Tickets for tribune seats can be purchased at around 35 Euros. Standing rooms are available for free, of course.

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