Public Holidays

Calendar 2010

01.01.2010 (Fri.) New Year’s Day

06.01.2010 (Wed.) Epiphany
The origins go back to the three kings who in the Christmas story  were known as the Three Wise Men of the East. At the time of Christ’s birth the three wise men saw a bright star burning in the sky and followed it to the birthplace of the baby Jesus.

02.04.2010 (Fri.) Good Friday Easter
The roots lie in the Jewish feast of Passah (Pessach). Easter Sunday falls on the 1st Sunday after the 1st full moon after the start of spring.

04.04.2010 (sun.) Easter Sunday

05.04.2010 (Mon.) Easter Monday

01.05.2010 (Sat.) May Day or Labour Day
The first free May Day was celebrated in 1945 and has continued to be an annual public holiday to the present day.

13.05.2010 Ascension Day (always falls on a Thursday)
Ascension Day marks the day Christ ascended into heaven to take up his rightful place at the right hand of God. The festival that falls on the 40th day after Easter has been celebrated since 370 AD.

24.05.2010 (Mon.) Whit Monday Whitsun
(Greek: Pentecost = "the fiftieth [day]") is celebrated on the fiftieth day after Easter. At Whitsun the church remembers the day when following Christ’s ascension into heaven, the Holy Ghost descended to Christ’s disciples. In many towns and villages throughout Bavaria Whit Monday is a day marked by magnificent horse backed processions.

03.06.2010 (Thu.) Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi, a Roman Catholic feast day to celebrate the Eucharist as the body and blood of Christ. A procession in which a monstrance containing the Host is carried aloft through the streets with the congregation processing in its wake is taking place in every village and Bavarian town. 

15.08.2010 (Sun.) The Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
The festival that celebrates the Blessed Virgin Mary’s ascension into heaven has been part of the religious calendar since the 6th century.

03.10.2010 (Sun.) German Unity Day
Was introduced as a national holiday in Germany in 1990. It marks the reunification of the two German states that was completed on this day.

01.11.2010 (Mon.) All Saints Day
A Roman Catholic festival and a day to pay tribute to the saints in the independent Evangelical Lutheran church.

25.12.2010 (Sat.) Christmas Day
This is the main day on which we celebrate Christmas, the birthday of Jesus Christ. Celebrations begin at sundown on Christmas Eve, on 24th December

26.12.2010 (Sun.) Boxing Day
This is also a public holiday that is known in the Roman Catholic and the old Catholic church as St. Stephen’s Day.