Around Munich

When visiting Munich you should take the chance to explore the amazing nature surrounding the city. It is the perfect originator for people who are interested in nature or sport activities.

Just a short journey takes you away from the busy city life to a relaxing and beautiful countryside. If you don`t have a car, don`t worry as you will still be able to escape for a day with the well expanded public transport network of the city.

Hiking fans will find their paradise in the nearby mountains where they can choose between lots of tours with different levels.

Why not planning a cycling tour around one of the beautiful lakes such as Starnberger See or Tegernsee? After cycling you can have a refreshing swim or a cool 'Radler' in one of the idyllic beer gardens.

Charming villages are inviting you to stroll around and learn more about the German culture and traditions. Before you go you should find out if there are current Bavarian festivities in any of the villages as this would be a really great experience.

If you are travelling around, a drive in eastern direction is also recommended. For example you can reach the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic, ' Prague', in less than 4 hours.