Munich Regional Info

A warm welcome to Munich – the capital of Bavaria!

Munich is Germany´s third largest city and is captivating by a unique combination of cosmopolitan city flair and a cordial coziness, which is not only loved by the approximately 1, 3 Million Munich residents. Every year millions of tourists are travelling to Bavaria to visit the Capital on the Isar River.

Munich appeals it`s visitors as it has to offer something for all kinds of taste. There is a wide range of cultural facilities and events, historic places and sights, beautiful parks and greenery as well as shopping streets, restaurants of all styles and a thriving nightlife.

Located in Bavaria, Munich has a fantastic geographical position as it is lying just within a stone`s throw away from Austria and Italy and is framed by the Alps, which can be even seen from the city if there are good weather conditions.

The nearby mountains, romantic castles such as the famous 'Neuschwanstein', charming small towns and villages or picturesque lakes are ideal destinations for one-day excursions.

All kinds of outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, cycling, skiing, ice-skating or sailing can be performed, just within 30 minutes to 1 hours drive away from the city.

Munich is definitely worth a visit, doesn`t matter if it is summer or winter time or if it is for a week of vacation, a bank holiday weekend, a visit of the famous Oktoberfest or just for a stopover on the way south to Austria or Italy.

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