Munich City

Visiting the Bavarian capital city everybody will find something that suits his taste.

Popular attractions such as the world-famous 'Oktoberfest' or the football stadium 'Allianz Arena' come to your mind when thinking about Munich, but the city has a lot more to offer.

Munich is well- known for its remarkable art scene and provides a wide range of cultural opportunities. The German Museum (Deutsches Museum), the famous 'Old and New Picture Gallery' (Pinakotheken) or the BMW Museum, just to name a few, are well worth a visit. 

Architecture wise, historical buildings, such as the Cathedral of Munich 'Frauenkirche'  which is the City´s landmark, the Residence, Opera or the New Town Hall can be admired.

Munich offers a huge selection of traditional and international restaurants, a thriving nightlife and can be proud to be a fantastic shopping paradise.

Those who are interested in sports, the Olympic Park, which was built for the Summer Olympics in 1972, is definitely a place to visit. Numerous parks and greenery especially around the riverside are inviting residents and visitors for a walk or a bicycle tour.

Movie fans would love to come here for the annual Munich Film Festival or to visit the 'Bavaria Film Studios'.

The best social places to meet in summer in Munich are the beer-gardens. Under shady trees you will find a very laid-back and friendly atmosphere.  Get into a conversation with the Bavarians and join their sense of coziness and social acceptance.  And, of course, do not miss to 'Prost' with strangers and friends with a cooled and tasty beer.

During winter many charming Christmas markets occur and it is highly recommended to visit one of them and use the opportunity to drink the famous hot wine punch while buying some traditional Bavarian crafts, sweets, food or other delights.