Munich Attractions

1. Marienplatz and Town Hall with Carillon
The Marienplatz is considered to be the centre of Munich. This is the place where in front of the neo-gothic Town Hall with the world famous carillon, many festivities and enunciations take place all year around. For those, who are supporting the famous FC Bayern Munich Soccer Club, the Marienplatz is the place to be, whenever there is the German Championship to celebrate with the team and other fans. The fish fountain is also a very remarkable spot which is often used as a meeting point. “Let´s meet at the fish fountain” is very common and can be heard a lot among Munich´s people.
2. Hofbräuhaus
Founded in 1589, the „Hofbräuhaus“ is, without doubt, the most famous beer cellar in the world. Not only travelers from all around the world, but Munich residents themselves come here to enjoy typical Bavarian food and of course to taste the self brewed Bavarian beer. Old established regular guests have the privilege to lock their own beer mugs in a special cupboard at the taproom, where tourists can easily look at them. 

Don´t miss to discover the world of Bavarian music by listening to the traditional bass band, playing live at the taproom every day.

3. Frauenkirche
The Cathedral of our blessed Lady, which is the full name of the Frauenkirche, is Munich´s most impressive landmark. The twin towers, with a height of 98 meters, shape the skyline of Munich in a special way and unmistakably mark the City´s centre. Even until today, any other building in Munich must not be higher than the Dome´s towers. Inside the Frauenkirche Sovereigns from Bavaria’s ruling Wittelsbach Clan are interred here, including Ludwig the Bavarian. Don`t forget to find out the story about the devil`s foot print which you can find at the entrance of the church.

Besides the Frauenkirche Munich has many other churches, that are definitely  worth a visit. The Theatinerkirche close to Odeonsplatz or the Ludwigskirche, which can be found opposite the University.  A magnificent view over Munich and even the Alps can be expected by those, who climb up the tower of Munich´s oldest parish church that affectionately is called Old Peter.

4. BMW  World and Museum

by Richard Bartz
Not only its unique architecture makes the brand new BMW Welt and BMW Museum, which is close to the Munich Olympic Stadium, a “must see” attraction for everyone who is interested in technology. The Museum offers a unique insight into BMW in general, into research and development as well as into design and manufacture of BMW.
5. Victuals Market
Victuals Market - Munich´s most popular and most favorite market is set up just around the corner of Marienplatz on a square that sizes about two hectares. You can find more than 100 different stalls, which offer top quality delights. A variety of exotic and regional fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, meat, seafood, eggs, juices, alcoholic beverages, honey products and other delicacies can be purchased all year around. The variety stirs every gourmet´s blood. Don´t miss to go for a short stroll and enjoy a typical Bavarian lunch at the market.
6. Nymphenburg Palace
Located in the west of Munich and bordering the Olympic Park, the marvelous Nymphenburg Castle can be visited. Historically used as summer residence by Bavarian Rulers, the Nymphenburg Palace now holds a collection of popular artworks that are of high value. The premises themselves are even as spectacular to visit. In summer, the palace gardens are predestinated for long and relaxing walks and rests. During the winter, it is highly recommended to enjoy ice skating on the frozen canal that belongs to the palace property.
7. Residenz
One of the most important sights, the city has to offer is the Residence. The Residence was domicile and seat of government for many Bavarian kings, electors and dukes in the past. Its main attractions these days are The Concert Hall, the Cuvilliés Theater, the Residence Treasury and the Residence Museum with the famous Coin Collection. The complex itself impresses every visitor by showing a unique combination of renaissance, baroque and rococo style all combined.
8. Maximilian Street
The Maximilian Street is one of the most expensive and luxury shopping miles, Germany offers. Fashion designers, jeweler´s shops and sophisticated cocktail bars can be found next to the “Four Seasons Hotel”, which is also located at Maximilian Street. Promenading along this Boulevard should be a “must do” when visiting Munich. Besides all the luxury shops that can be found here, there are as well many cultural locations such as the “Munich Kammerspiele”, one of the most successful German language theatres.
9. English Garden
With an area of more than three square kilometers, the „English Garden“ is the largest urban park in Germany. Known as the perfect place for outdoor activities, the English Garden offers a lot of possibilities to recover from the busy city life. People are strolling with their families and kids, cycling, skating, picnicking with friends and sun-bathing near the small river “Eisbach” that flows through the park. The “Eisbach” is also famous for an attraction, that you might not expect to find in Munich on first sight: Just past a bridge behind the Prinzregenten Street, you can find a small river surfing spot which is used by some Bavarians, giving an imposing performance of their surfing skills and tricks on their surf boards.

The Monopterus, a Greek style round temple built upon a small hill in the middle of the southern part of the park, offers an amazing view over Munich´s skyline. The lake “Kleinhesseloher See” should not be missed, as you can go for a romantic pedal boat trip. One of Munich´s most famous beer gardens is also located inside the park: the “Chinese Tower” offers space for over 7000 guests and is highly recommend for tasting Bavarian specialties and, of course, for drinking a nice and cooled beer under the shady trees while listening to traditional Bavarian live music.

10. Schwabing and Leopold Street
The Heart of the famous district “Schwabing” in Munich is the Leopold Street. The attitude here is “See and be seen”. Between the Siegestor and the Münchener Freiheit you get the opportunity  to see a range of expensive and particular cars passing by the street  and the numerous street cafes invite you to observe the people walking by. Beyond the Leopold Street, Schwabing offers a  student like charm where you find a mix of students, tourists, artists, fans of arts and culture and night owls when having a good night out in one of the old-established pubs.