Bavarian Cuisine

Munich is well known for its traditional Bavarian food that any visitor should not miss to taste when spending some time in Munich.  As some of the delicacies you will find on the menus will not sound familiar to you at all, here are the explanations for the most famous dishes, served in Bavaria. To make it easier for you find the right choice on the menu, we keept the German word of the dish and explained it in English.

Salads and Starters
Kalter Braten
Cold roasted pork cut in thin slices usually served with bread and horseradish
Marinated cold sausages cut in thin slices with onion rings, marinated cucumbers and vinegar dressing
Schweizer Wurstsalat
Same as above but with cheese
Krautsalat mit Speck
Marinated white cabbage slices with bacon
Salad made from boiled potatoes marinated in vinegar and cucumber.
A cheese creme with onions and red pepper powder served with bread or a pretzel.
Typical Bavarian soup with a dumpling made of pork liver.
Same as above,  but with small pieces instead of a dumpling.

Main courses with meat
A traditional Bavarian sausage made from very finely minced veal and fresh pork bacon. As it is very perishable, Weisswurst is traditionally manufactured early in the morning and prepared and eaten as a snack between breakfast and lunch
The most common dish in Upper Bavaria. Pork served in slices with gravy, accompanied by potato dumplings.
Similar to Schweinsbraten, but with a nice and spicy crust around
Grilled pork knuckles.
Rolled up pork roast served with potato salad and Prezel
Smoked fish, usually mackerel or pike grilled on a wooden stick.
Nuernberger Bratwurst mit Sauerkraut 
Probably the smallest of all sausages in Bavaria. These fried sausages have their origin in the northern part of Bavaria, Franconia with Nuernberg as the regional capital.

It looks like a loaf of bread but in fact it is a loaf of meat. It has a texture similar to cooked Spam. Leberkaese is normally served with bread or potato salad and you can choose between a spicy mustard or a sweet mustard.

Vegetarian dishes
Made from flour, eggs, salt, water and Bavarian cheese. Originally it comes from the Allgaeu region.
Made of flour, eggs, milk and salt.
Sweet dish made from flour, eggs and apples.

Please keep in mind, that Bavarian cuisine in general is not very vegetarian friendly!

A sweet sort of a dumpling served with vanilla sauce
Muenchner Apfelstrudel
Apple Strudel
traditional cake, name after the titel 2prince regent'.
Pieces of pancake dough served with raisins, fresh fruit and powdered sugar

The word itself means 'pale' . This beer type is the most popular Bavarian beer. It is a lager beer and contains less hop what makes it taste much sweeter .
The word itself means   'white beer' and is made of barley and wheat. It tastes more sour than a Helles and looks more cloudy but it is not lighter in color as the name would make you think. 
Meaning 'cyclist' Helles mixed with lemonade
Meaning 'Russian  Weissbier mixed with lemonade