Munich's Treasures


Every year millions of visitors are travelling to this Bavarian capital but what makes people fall in love with this city? Is it the famous Bavarian “Gemütlichkeit”? The popular “Oktoberfest”? Or is it because of its geographical position just a step away from Austria and Italy and close by the Alps, what’s framing the city? The MyMunichInfo Team reveal these secrets and gives you an insight into the cities treasures.

Munich offers the perfect blend of a big cultural city and a lush green village.

When spending some time in Munich, there are many things to do and see: it is a shopping paradise, has fantastic restaurants and nightlife but besides the popular sights and attractions you may find many lovely hidden treasures.

Sightseeing in Munich
Many of the most important sights can be found in walking distance from the city center. The Marienplatz is the most central point of Munich, where you have the new and the old town hall as well as the Fischbrunnen – a fountain in the middle of the square, one of the most popular meeting-points. Just behind Marienplatz you find the oldest church which is called the “Old Peter” and from which top roof you can enjoy a stunning view over the city. After the effort of climbing up 306 steps, you may like to reward yourself and relax at the beer garden of the nearby “Victuals market” which sells some exotic fruits or traditional Bavarian delights. Other attractive sights, such as the Opera, the historic “Feldhernhalle”, the famous restaurant “Hofbräuhaus” and the popular park “English Garden” are just around the corner.

Bavarian Beer & Beer gardens
It is said that the Bavarian beer is the best beer in the world and there must be a reason for this as a unique variety of 40 types and approximately 4.000 beer brands are waiting to be explored by you. In summer the charming beer gardens are wonderful places to enjoy the Bavarian style of life, to taste the Bavarian cuisine and of course the famous beer.

One of the hallmarks of the city - the Oktoberfest is known to be the world’s biggest beer festival and has been a tradition in Munich for the past 200 years.
The festival with its fun attractions, food stands and beer tents attracts millions of visitors from all over the world.

People interested in cultural events and exhibitions will not feel left out. Munich offers a wide variety of art exhibitions and museums, theatres and operas and concerts of folkloric as well as all other type of music.

River and Lakes
The “Isar River” is Munich’s leisure zone. Locals come here to stroll along the amazing walkways, to swim and enjoy the sun, to barbeque with friends or for jogging and Nordic walking. There are plenty of lovely lakes in the surrounding of Munich where locals go on the weekends or evenings to relax in the summer and to ice-skate in winter.

Did you know that Munich has the reputation of a surfing hotspot? Any time of day or year you're likely to see a line of surfers waiting for their turn at the “Eisbach” right in the heart of the city!

Munich`s Environs
Only one hour away driving, you can reach the Alps .One of the “must-do’s” when spending time in Munich is to make an excursion to the mountains for hiking in summer or skiing in the winter. On the way back to the city you can visit small towns and villages or have a swim in one of the lakes that are on the way, for example the idyllic “Chiemsee”.

You will undoubtly fall in love with Munich, so why not take the opportunity to come and visit us? For more information and a comprehensive travel guide to everything you need to know about Munich, please visit:

By Nina Stastny, Munich
September 2010